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  1. Has to be a new record low for him...only 22 lies in one speech❗🤣
  2. Lots of so called "transformations" dreamed up and blabbed about. None are actually ever accomplished.
  3. Deluded and living in the upside-down bizarre-o world much❓ Whatever it is you're on...PLEASE inform so we can all be sure to never try it❗ 🤣
  4. More likely the end of the corrupt, ignorant, totally incompetent, biased, Trump appointed and bought & paid for, The Dishonorable Aileen Cannon. Already been overturned and reprimanded by the appellate court twice for overstepping her authority before the case even began. Bulldog Smith will now seek her removal. She's already been advised to step away and recuse herself by her senior jurist colleagues. She's toast.
  5. Thai Smile was great domestically. Have flown Thai Airways many times previously roundtrip between BKK-NRT (Japan). Nothing at all special about Thai. Staff were just OK. Finished cabin service, then hid in the galleys eating and talking until the landing service, every single time. Tiny, thimble sized cups and glasses. Had to get up and hunt them down in the galley for another drink or coffee. Delta is far better internationally and back in the day, Northwest Airlines (NWA) was superior too. Flying Qatar in September to Africa and surely they will far exceed anything Thai provides, in all aspects. Disclaimer: have not flown Thai in 5 years, so perhaps they have improved. Hope so.
  6. Right...IF being the key word. Good luck with that. Just wait until the posts start rolling in of refusals of entry at land borders after 2nd entry. 🤣 🍿
  7. Is this a crime? And reported it "to protect Buddhism's integrity". 555 good one❗🤣
  8. Land of Crackdowns & Schemes. Land of Crackpots & Simpletons more fitting.
  9. C'mon Stone...Dude gave me nothing to work with❗...other than a stupid and false retort. What else to bring other than derision❓🤣
  10. He looks quite ok for 71. She looks terrible for 21. Looks 51.
  11. "I know you are but what am I?", says the MAGA cult member. Really weak. Grow the <deleted> up. Grow a brain cell. Try to bring some game to the conversation. Otherwise stay out of it.
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