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  1. I was thinking of doing the combination method and started sending 45,000 baht a month to my thai bank. Initially it was shown as foreign income FTT. This month however as many people have mentioned WISE have stopped using FTT and now it shows as an internal transfer. Now there may be ways around this but i don't want any arguments/difficulties with immigration when i come to renew my extension at the end of the year. Resigned myself therefore to having to use the 800k in the bank, which is so easy.
  2. That's strange, i recently had charges to my UK credit card from "Steam Games". They hit the account several times with a 50 GBP charge ( i guess the maximum before it raises questions). Luckily the bank noticed these many similar charges and alerted me and i finally got the charges deleted. I never had an account with Steam Games or gave them my credit card details so heaven knows how they managed to hack the account.
  3. UK NHS 10th that's a joke. It can take weeks just to see a GP then maybe months to get treated. I can walk into a hospital here with no appointment and get seen and maybe even treated the same day. OK you pay but then i pay for the NHS through taxes.
  4. You would like to think that farang drivers would know better and drive well but some of them are worse than the thais.
  5. Will be the first sober Festival ever
  6. Did Thais ever exercise? I always used to laugh when the thai girls got a motorbike taxi to go about 200 yards.
  7. People always blame their metabolism when they get fat haha. As we get older we eat more and exercise less, yes even me.
  8. Me too, i use cash for everything. Would never use a card in Thailand. BTW can they withdraw 34.15 from an ATM, thought the minimum for 100 baht.
  9. We were doing some shopping in Central Festival Pattaya a few weeks back. As it happens they were doing vaccinations on the 6th Floor. My tgf just walked up with no appointment and got her first jab, Sinovac.
  10. chad3000 - a gree with most of your points but not the dental service. I think the dentists here are good and reasonably priced but then i am coming from the abysmal dental service in the UK.
  11. I thought wine was coming down in price to attract all the billionaires. La Vida up from 990 to 1090 today. If that is a 10% increase in the full price it must be something like a 20% increase in the tax.
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