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  1. Shhhh. WWG1WGA...... 'Nuff said Scousey Lou. That Pizzagate-sponsored 5G mast that Hunter Biden secretly put up in Church Street with Bill Gates and George Soros may be tracking us as we speak.....
  2. Why waste rationality on dumb conspiracy theorists who'll believe any old rubbish they're fed if the Deep State, Dominon and JFK's ghost are pulling all secret the levers?
  3. To save me from repeating myself, see the above reply. Follow the law or go home. It's not about what the barmy army think is the right thing to do in another country.
  4. No need to convince anybody. it's the law here - certainly in public places, and as such should be respected. There are 'many' laws in Thailand you couldn't convince me are right, but while I live in this country, I have to respect them and would have to accept the serious consequences of not doing so. Perhaps that's what's needed here - the threat and likelihood of more serious consequences being dealt out to people who refuse to follow their health laws.
  5. But in my OP, I specifically limit this to malls, and by extension to other enclosed public spaces, where ALL Thais are wearing masks. Not villages, beaches, private cars etc etc.
  6. Duh. People who refuse to respect the local health laws of a country they are guests in, in the middle of a global pandemic, should be deported. In their own country, they can get their tin hats and pitchforks out and protest against 5G, voting machines, masks or vaccines, or whatever current deluded rubbish they want to believe in. But in this country, they should respect the law.
  7. If a moron (wearing a MAGA hat or not) wants to splatter their brains all over the road, and the police don't care, that's up to them. If idiots refuse to wear masks in shopping malls and disrespect the hygiene laws of another country in the midst of a public health emergency, thereby endangering the health of all those around them, then they should be deported or jailed - or both.
  8. What do people think you should do when you encounter presumably newly-arrived, smug-looking foreigners in Bangkok who refuse to wear a mask? I was in Centralworld yesterday and have never in the past year (when it has been open) seen anyone walk around without a mask, Thai or foreigner. Yesterday I saw 5 people not wearing masks (they were pulled down over their chins) - all foreigners - white males - separately strolling around looking smug and very pleased with themselves. My outraged (Thai) wife warned me not to get involved and instead went to look for security, of
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