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  1. Singapore Daisy is listed as one of the top 100 most invasive alien species globally.
  2. Foxtrot is active in Norway now. " ...Norwegian police have confirmed that not only is the criminal network Foxtrot active in Norway, it’s also probably behind a kidnapping in Trondheim earlier this year. ..." https://www.newsinenglish.no/2023/09/28/trondheim-kidnapping-linked-to-foxtrot/
  3. I normally don't notice the smell of fish sauce but the fermented shrimp paste (kapi) has a strong smell.
  4. So now you have a second opinion. Where does Sheryl send the bill? ????‍⚕️
  5. Firefox works for me. I was on Windows 7, now 10.
  6. Last week as I was checking out at a Lowe's home improvement store (like Home Depot), a fellow with a shopping cart was about to exit. He had an empty cart with a big backpack on the lower shelf. Another guy came in from outside and confronted him. The cashier and I watched as he emptied the contents of the backpack into the cart. It was a whole bunch of DeWalt cordless tools, like drills and impact drivers. Hundreds of dollars worth. I think the store guy just chased him off.
  7. That's one of those conditions that comes and goes. Here's a practical breast augmentation device:
  8. My wife worked at a Chinese restaurant in the U.S. awhile back. When the restaurant changed hands, the new owner had to tear up the kitchen and replace most everything.
  9. Regenerative braking does not convert thermal energy into electricity. Whilst driving a vehicle with a regenerative braking system, the electric motor draws power from the battery to turn the wheels, creating the kinetic energy it needs to move. When the brakes are applied however, the process switches into reverse mode. Now the kinetic energy that was initially used to propel the vehicle, makes the wheels rotate the electric motor, turning it into a type of generator. Instead of consuming electricity, the motor/generator starts producing it, using the vehicle’s kinetic energy. The electrical energy is then stored in a high voltage battery, where it is used again to help propel the vehicle. Since regenerative braking converts the vehicle’s kinetic energy into electricity, it is also able to slow it too, in the same way hydraulics brake do with friction.
  10. I spent about 6 weeks in Mueang Loei last fall. That was better than the 2 years I lived there in 1977-79.
  11. Joe and I were in the same Peace Corps training group for a couple months back in 1977. Didn't see much of him after training, as we were posted quite a ways apart. I like Joe. In this fairly recent artillery, he says "I was based in Chiang Mai for 12 years and have been living in Bangkok since 2008." https://www.scmp.com/magazines/post-magazine/books/article/3215583/why-first-lonely-planet-thailand-travel-guide-author-fell-love-country-and-its-culture
  12. Is UBUY legitimate? https://www.ubuy.co.th/th/search/?q=electric skillets
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