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  1. The Yamaha Thailand site doesn't list any 2022 models yet that I can see.
  2. SAAMI Specs for the 45 acp barrel is .450" groove diameter, and a .442" bore diameter. USGI specs are .450" + .002" and .442" + .002". SAAMI Specs for the bullet are .452" - .0030" for jacketed and .453" - .003" for lead. It gets confusing when it comes to bore (rifling land) vs. groove diameter, projectile diameter and tolerances.
  3. "Coming soon" 55 https://fasterwheeler.com/th/bikes/yamaha-2022-v-star-250-648
  4. Don't confuse me with the dog, "Buk Humm". (It's Isaan speak. Ask around.) My Thai (user) name was given to me by a venerable monk up in Loei over 40 years ago.
  5. Some travel restrictions will be relaxed but the ever-vigilant authorities will be making sure all visitors will meet government standards upon arrival.
  6. Lalisa's a cute kid. Can't say I like Kpop but whatever. I wonder if and how she'll mature as an artist over the years.
  7. In the USA, my Dad sent a time-sensitive sealed bid via the U.S. Postal Service overnight. I don't think it ever arrived. He didn't get his money back because he couldn't prove it wasn't delivered the next day. Gotta love bureaucracy.
  8. Old bike porn. Check out #11 riding a hardtail!
  9. Interesting bike. Would be nice if they bumped it up to 350-400 cc.
  10. What is the point of red plates, other than to show off a new car?
  11. Years back I had to talk my way out of a situation where I had a big Hmong knife in my luggage on a night bus to BKK. That was during some sort of military takeover. I got through it OK ("Doesn't everyone carry a big knife in Isaan?"). Bus stewardess was ticked off, as she told us weapons were supposed to be checked upon boarding. Funny part was my wife and I shared a bag. They didn't say anything about the ladies underwear in there. She didn't let them know that she knew me. 555.
  12. My first little house in the USA had evidence of what they called "knob and spool" wiring. Porcelain knobs screwed to the wood and the bare wire was wrapped around and strung from one knob to the other. Circa the mid 1920's. The pull-down stair ladder to the attic had hand-forged brackets and fittings. The clear Redwood siding was original.
  13. I did the "Superman flying" thing in Loei over 40 years ago. Two kids on a Honda Wave ran a stop sign in a blind spot and I broadsided them. I flew like Superman over the handlebars and onto the grass on the side of the road.
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