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  1. I used mor prom ,expat vac was a disaster ,but the wife just went into the local hospital here in Pattaya and signed up for free shots of astra zenica ,falangs were getting phizer yesterday.
  2. when i read posts like these although i have had heart problems for 40 yrs ,i realize what a lucky ,lucky <deleted> i am ,having all my life so many loving relatives and wives and now my wonderful one (the only time i was depressed was when my first wife who left me said she wanted to come back) I hope you find some relief, and get better ,all the best from another poster
  3. No nothing ends ,it may morph into something else ,but it doesnt end ,its like the universe it just keeps expanding ,never ending , and those who believe in God think that they never end ,they just go to heaven and live there forever. dont they?
  4. what next ,he has a baby? i have never had a problem with gay people even back in the 60s in London ,nobody seemed to give a toss, but to be honest i cant be bothered with all the nonsense that is going on these days .I really think half the "non binery) crew and the like do it just to be "with it" wow thats so 60s isnt it
  5. come on boys .i cant believe after starting this two and a half years ago ,you have stopped posting ,your not at the pearly gates yet ,that is those of you who believe in all those fairy stories ,anyway lets have somemore arguments about where we go when we die ,i think i am destined for a little jar on the shelf.
  6. its on the menu ,wife gets it tomorrow az that is ,was waiting for moderna ,gave up.
  7. I do not think it will happen in my lifetime ,but the future does not look very bright i fear ,some crazy dictator or leader who thinks that if they die in a good cause they will get seven virgins or a luny like kim jong ,if not war ,the poorer nations will flood to the richer ones ,making them sh_t as well this is already happening , or maybe a bad pandemic . who knows ,i am not a believer in all this man made global warming ,but i do think also natural climate change will badly effect the world ,it did in times gone past ,but then there were not as many people on the planet and their lives
  8. just realized i have been with thanachart for 15 yrs ,but thet are now called ttb and i was given a new book but it only shows 3 months , will they accept both my bank books to show length of time the money had been in?
  9. the wife was waiting for moderna ,but as it did not come she now is getting az in a few days ,(i have had two) what we intend to do is have one each of the moderna next year as a booster .
  10. Actually i have no problems at all regarding her welfare after i pass ,our house is owned by my wife and our son ,we have joint bank accounts in our UK bank ,here in Thailand my will leaves everything to her,she also owns building land up north and many rai of rice fields which she just lets a relative add to their rice fields , my wifes family are in business in BKK ,she has no monetery problems when i go .
  11. I am very happy ,just like i was living with my Thai wife in the UK ,now we live in Thailand ,the only thing that makes me unhappy is that i am a lot older than her and she will be broken hearted when i die ,but i am happy that she will be well looked after by our son ,and her family.
  12. nothing but a feather pillow for me ,preferably duck down ,so expensive over here ,
  13. I had mine at 12 weeks reduced from 16 at Samitavit Sri Racha.
  14. It has fasinated me for years that people can believe in god and that Jesus was born to his virgin mother . When you realize that there are so many billions of planets across hundreds of billions of light years. It must be great to believe in a God and that one day you will be reunited with your loved ones a lady once said to me that she knows she will meet Jesus when she dies,i thought gosh he must be busy sitting down with the billions of people who die. Do you really believe in him or any of the other Gods ? Sent from my SM-A720F using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
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