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  1. Could it be that mainly Trump lovers are antivaxers ? That guy Carlson a republican mouthpiece is spreading lies on TV. I guess the freedom to lie (eh speech) is a great thing in the US. Too bad that many believe those lies.
  2. You know you are a person without any principles. You sprout antivax nonsense but obviously you don't think the risks are high otherwise you would never have taken the vaccine. So either you have no backbone, or you think the risk of vaccination is not that high. There is a difference between FORCING everyone to take the vaccine or persuading them to take it. DR's want to persuade and do want different rules for those who are not vaccinated. Though in my country there were doctors that said that people who are not vaccinated are a curse as the take up spac
  3. We actually had one in the news (but that was before the vaccines were in use longer) she now accepted that she was wrong. Maybe they don't get their opinion covered because they are just not there. I heard that the US actually imported that Dr (from the UK) with that ridiculed research between vaccination and autism and he is pulling loads of people. The US also has a relative lower vaccination level. I think its safe to say that there are more antivax loonies in the US (on average) then in other countries. I see on this forum too. I did some research ab
  4. Look your an American and in America there are a lot of crazies even among healthcare workers. In my country most healthcare workers are vaccinated besides a few idiots and religious people (some strict Christians). Normal healthcare people all call for people to be vaccinated. In my country they even complain about the unvaccinated and are saying that they are frustrated by those unvaccinated who are hogging ICU beds that could have better been used by others. The only one who is silly is you. Thankfully people like you will have to quarantine if they want to go to Tha
  5. I always thought you were so highly educated, but recently i have my doubt. First of there are 2 mechanisms from vaccines. - prevent spread of covid by reducing change for infection and that protection slowly wears off and depends on what vaccine is used - The protection you get from the vaccine against hospitalization (does not change) is like 30 times likely to develop serious effects. Now lets say you have a 70% less reduction (the Thais could have had shinvax and then its a lot lower). But lets keep it at 70% Even at 70% if you are constantly
  6. What i find strange is that the son does not seem to give a statement. So maybe he can't talk anymore. But without it and even with it it will be a he said she said situation. The police will win.
  7. https://customsdutyfree.com/customs-or-import-duty-for-laptop-notebook-to-thailand/
  8. For notebooks the import rate is 0% so no import tarif, however you will have to pay the 7% over the value of the computer and shipping. I think 3000 is what you can expect. Do they open or X rap (yes they do but no its far from 100% people still send drugs by mail)
  9. Maybe your lucky maybe not. But if its 1000$ then you would pay 70$ tax (and 7%) over shipping. The gift thing is a urban myth that just wont die. Customs does not care gift or not and there are no special rules for gifts.
  10. That is the VAT yes usually the minimum. However not sure they will value the computer at $1000. They might think its worth more. Plus vat is over price + shipping (done in all countries) Your visa status has no bearing on how much tax you have to pay.
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