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  1. https://customsdutyfree.com/customs-or-import-duty-for-laptop-notebook-to-thailand/
  2. For notebooks the import rate is 0% so no import tarif, however you will have to pay the 7% over the value of the computer and shipping. I think 3000 is what you can expect. Do they open or X rap (yes they do but no its far from 100% people still send drugs by mail)
  3. Maybe your lucky maybe not. But if its 1000$ then you would pay 70$ tax (and 7%) over shipping. The gift thing is a urban myth that just wont die. Customs does not care gift or not and there are no special rules for gifts.
  4. That is the VAT yes usually the minimum. However not sure they will value the computer at $1000. They might think its worth more. Plus vat is over price + shipping (done in all countries) Your visa status has no bearing on how much tax you have to pay.
  5. Sure he could have charged her for that, and that is the max he could do. Just pointing out that its not the police his or her job to collect money. I am sure they do at times if its an easy thing. But its not their job. Point being that sure he could have come down hard on the woman but as you said its hard to get blood from a stone and he knows it. They are just lazy its not a racism thing its a lazy attitude taking theeasy way. I also dont believe the farang is always fault, been in accidents and never been treated unfairly.
  6. Indeed that is the whole point different people rate music different. I for once prefer queen 10x over the beatles as i think they are .... Anyway its just pointless to say that this girl is a bad singer or whatever because guys here don't know her don't like her music. If she is popular and selected by music magazines then she probably is good. Unlike what all those old farangs say. I think people get more closed minded as they get older. You cannot debate movies or music taste differ and so impossible.
  7. Because the foreigners like to think they are never at fault and even if they are its the police who is unfair. (I am sure that in the UK / US people always agree with what the police says about an accident)
  8. What did you expect the police to do for you with someone who can't pay you for the damages. They can fine her that is about it. Do you want her in jail ? Its no fun to be left with damages but can't expect the police to be the ones that get the money for you. This is a problem between you and her or between your insurance and her (best option)
  9. Great idea but its just not possible. Sorry these things don't work that way. Anyone with some business experience and who knows about budgets and how they are checked would know that this is just not possible. It would be really really hard to do. Same for other countries. You can't just shift budgets from one place to an other those are government decisions and once allocated they people in the government businesses need to use the money in the way the government has described it. I am not saying it should not be done or that this event is a good idea (i already said its not). Ho
  10. I 100% agree that it should have been spend better, and that its will puff up those in charge. IMHO it does not has to have these kinds of stars. I think its crazy to pay that much (not sure what these people make and so on). Just pointed out that its hard to spend outside what is has been earmarked to do. But I agree could have been better. Loans to those who can't open and stuff like that make much more sense. (but TAT is not setup for that). I would say better infra structure and easier available data would be good too. My point was more that many people don't seem t
  11. I do understand your sentiment as I doubt that this is the best way to spend money as a tourist promotion institute. But you do realize that for instance giving the money away to those needy won't be possible and could even land those in charge in trouble ? I mean they got this money to promote tourism and they have to spend it that way not to relieve the suffering of the people. Other parts of the central budget are for that. Personally i think its great they promote tourism to help everyone in this country. I just think this is not the right way to do it. There are better ways.
  12. Does not change the fact that i absolutely hate their music and think its only suited for the old folk home. As i said before most music is loved by those who lived it. Once the people who were around when the beatles were popular die off their songs do too. You obviously missed the point, but that is the problem with a lot of old farangs, they think the world revolves around them. Hate mobile phones most are just stuck in the past. Your a great example. Music changes every generation and in general the old (that is you and me) dont like the songs of the young.
  13. Why would i say that I like these songs, I don't. But that does not mean its bad. Just mean i got different taste. The fact that they have so many fans and are being selected by an important magazine like the rolling stones shows enough. Let put it this way, should i trust a magazine famous in the music industry or an old farang like you ? I think the Beatles are <deleted>, but that does not mean they are.
  14. Oh mate is it that hard to understand that your old. Just like me we have different tastes. I am sure your dad did not like the music you were listening too. That will never change and by ranting about it your only showing your age.
  15. That is your opinion, however im not surprised. What old guy ever says anything good of songs that are not from his time. I mean my dad had the same with songs i liked. So i won't take your word for it and accept the word of a magazine that does know what its talking about. Old farang VS the rolling stones magazine wonder who are more knowledgeable about music.
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