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  1. Go away, you are acting like a 12 year old. Please leave me alone.
  2. politely My friends have been pick-pocketed while I was with them, that was in the US. I don't let anybody outside of a bar touch me that I don't want to touch. In other words if a lady boy or a lady for that matter comes up to me and I can tell they are going to try and hug me, I just wave my finger no politely and never had a problem, and I have don that a ton of times. When I am in a crowd of people I put my hands in my pockets and grad my money, keys, and whatever else I don't want to lose. I have always worn a gold chain with some type of medallion and when I got here and read abo
  3. I am trying that, I can't get any that want to work on their day off. Only an 1 or 2 before or after work, and that is not going to get the job done.
  4. Since some many people seem concerned with the maids duties, it is the same as 10,000's or so other people that live in condo who have a maid come into their home 3 to 5 hours once a week to clean up their place. I just wanted a few recommendations from people that are happy with theie maid that live in my area. I always try to help out people that need recommendations, damm just last week or so I turned somebody on to an AC guy that I have used for years that is awesome, that is all I am asking for.
  5. I did I have a bill padded once at Go-Go bar named White "some thing or the other", I forget the rest of its name. It was located on the same side street at Sapphires, somebody probably knows what it was called. Guess what, I never went back there and did not give a sh it over a couple of hundred baht and left without an incident.
  6. consciousness of my surroundings I have never been robed in my entire life. That could possibly be because I avoid dangerous places, consciousness of my surroundings at all times, and always remember that safety always comes first, before everything.
  7. Seriously, how long did it take you to think that up and then type it out? Whatever it was, it was a waste of time and effort, because it wasn't funny at all. That is unless you are applying for the job, in that case I will need to see your CV and three references. After I receive that information I will get in touch with you if I want to interview you.
  8. Seriously, you think I am going to ask one of my girlfriends to clean up? That's one of the reasons they are my girlfriends, they have maids to clean up after them.
  9. I am tired of lazy maids like the 2 I use now. They got to go. If anyone could recommend a good maid that gets the job done who is nice and of course, very honest I would appreciate your recommendation if she lives in the Pratumnak Hill area in Jomtein. And if she speaks a few words of English, that would be great because my Thai is terrible no matter how much I try. Thanks in advance.
  10. Well, I have 6 of them and as a good boyfriend I want to make sure they are all as healthy as possible. And before it starts, 5 of them don't live in Pattaya and I bring them in on a weekend rotation. Of course, it does not take too long before they figure out the deal and jump ship, so I need to constantly resupply my provisions.
  11. Now that I know where to go I am going to take her ass there and get it done.
  12. That is great news. If it is a long wait at the hospital I will try this out, maybe I should do that first. Thanks Bro
  13. Wrong, wrong, wrong you really, but really need health insurance if you want to live here no matter what your age and I speak from personal experience. When you get sick, your brain does not work anywhere close to it would if you were not sick and you make bad decisions when you are under a tremendous amount of stress, especially when there is big money is involved. Besides all of the other benefits health insurance supplies, it also makes the decision making process very easy when you are at your most vulnerable, you just follow the doctors recommendations and don't worry about th
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