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  1. You can get quality ones off of Lazada. https://www.lazada.co.th/products/8-i4828287515-s20109576406.html?from_gmc=1&fl_tag=1&exlaz=d_1:mm_150050845_51350205_2010350205::12:20968287807!!!!!c!!20109576406!5300366009&gad_source=1&gclid=CjwKCAjwmrqzBhAoEiwAXVpgouWz7nPlqGL9EFXgZbHSkNwo_9goZuhxGopcqTwNnsCE0YLFLq49kxoCJrgQAvD_BwE
  2. This is the way I got my ID.me account approved, I made a video phone call and IIRC I had to show my face and passport (or driver's license, it was a long time ago), it was a quick call and now I have no problem logging in.
  3. Phone parts are expensive these days, maybe the thief wanted to strip it down and use/sell the parts of the phone.
  4. Coma? The guy walked away and went out drinking again the same day.
  5. If it's happening often, why not ask the wait staff "Is it ok if I sit here" or "Here is ok?" before ordering.
  6. I don't have any problems with the site and I just checked it. Are you using a VPN? Or maybe your Anti-virus software is preventing it, maybe disable it and try again. https://th.usembassy.gov/u-s-citizen-services/passports/instructions-for-ds-82-processing-by-mail-and-online-fee-payment-for-u-s-citizens-residing-in-thailand/ Edit; used Chrome.
  7. After living in Thailand for over 17 years, and as a US citizen I've renewed my passport here twice with the embassy in Bangkok; zero drama, zero problems. Some people are a magnet for confusion, drama & problems.
  8. Hundreds of millions had the same vaccine and they lived, just because a dozen people's bodies couldn't handle it doesn't make it a solid case for the anti-vaxers, if someone's body is so fragile they can't handle what hundreds of millions of others had, then this is thinning the herd, survival of the fittest. But of course the anti-vaxers will cry and whine as if the big drug companies were suggesting injecting disinfectant to the people...oh wait.
  9. I have a 16 y/o son and there's no way in hell I'd let him out to some Pattaya pool party at 3 am, did you see the clothing the 15 y/o daughter was wearing when she was at the police station? According the the Brit's facebook page, he's was/is a manager at a Pattaya Walking Street bar, you'd think he'd have a little more common sense and not put his daughter in that kind of situation after seeing countless drunks night-after-night hitting on women.
  10. So what's preventing the other one from filing charges?
  11. His Facebook page says he single, but does show photos/videos of his daughter. https://www.facebook.com/ricki.williams.90/
  12. Plenty of stories about private swinging pool parties in the Pattaya area, maybe this was one of them.
  13. Many years back in my younger days I was in a Walking Street disco, I see a nice looking Thai lady standing alone, so I go up to her and say something harmless like "Hello, how are you?" and she politely smiles, then some farang that was just off to the side talking to someone else at the next table gets in my face with his chest puffed out, arms popped out to the side like he's ready to throw a punch, angrily saying that's his gf. I quickly say ok, I didn't know and stepped away. Some farangs are too quick to want to fight over their gfs/wives. We don't know if the Russian was aware of the lady's status or was or was not warned to step back, had to say it's his fault without more info.
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