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  1. I'm 99% sure all the Thai consulates in the US are closed due to Covid, is it possible you missed the mail in your passport with a paid return envelope and they'll mail it back to you with the visa part?
  2. I guess for those of us from the US this is the equivalent of QVC shopping. A big hit for the senior citizens (7-9 more years and I'm there).
  3. For what you're asking, 1.75-2.25 M baht is a good deal. You won't find much cheaper. Wife's father there full time and the brother works at Home Pro? Let them know what you want, show them plenty of pictures of your ideal place and give them your budget, toss in some money for their time and effort and you should be set. The only drawback in my opinion, is the location, for me I wouldn't want to be that far up north.
  4. Assuming he's staying in the main tourist area of Pattaya, he'd be farang customer # 10,000+ out of all those motorbike rental shops in the tourist zones. Read the contract, secure the bike when not riding it and it should be ok. When I used to come here as a tourist and rented bikes, I asked the hotel first and they gave me several options, how is that any different from asking here? The rental shops are practically going to be the same.
  5. Ask your hotel's front desk, they'll let you know the nearest places.
  6. Fat guy & small dog? I was sitting on Jomtien's promenade one late afternoon and a guy walking his dog near me and as his dog leaves a dump not too far away from me he just walks off. Those farang Jomtien dog owners are disgusting.
  7. This from Suggestions over on the Darkside;
  8. Infestation of any kind will require several treatments, just be cause she did one doesn't mean the job is done.
  9. I haven't dealt with this BKK company yet, but I am researching it and it looks legit. https://www.mtsgold.co.th/en/products/index.php Me personally, I wouldn't want to have a large amount of gold in my home, I'd worry about losing it all to burglars. So I'm researching their gold investment options.
  10. Why would you not believe them? Installing a celling fan isn't brain surgery. Someone with electrical knowledge gets up in the crawl space, installs a support beam/bracket, feeds electrical wiring to the fan, and installs a on/off switch down below. It can get dusty depending on if you want the wires to the on/off switch hidden in the wall or running outside the wall.
  11. I went there last night, plenty of people enjoying a night on the beach. Good to see Pattaya returning to some sense of normalcy.
  12. I visit the parks and jogging paths now and again and it see many that are actively exercising (jogging, aerobics, park exercise stations) either without a mask or having it pulled down to their chin and no one gets bent out of shape over it.
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