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  1. It is known insurance companies will do anything to not pay.
  2. But the question is, which foreigners don't pay the hospital bills? The tourists? The people living in Thailand?
  3. Haiter is available in 5 liter cans, and also 10 liter.
  4. Fact is private hospitals are there to make money, the medical care is not that important. Not my words, but of a professor. Went to a private hospital for a checkup relating to insurance, the doctor told me I had a heart attack in the past. Wanted to know more, went to a state heart hospital, after half a day tests, no heart attack. My last visit to any private hospital.
  5. Another not so good idea, Don Muang is very well served by long distance trains. And HS trains will not succeed.
  6. Creating money is the business of the state how much there is. Banks create no money, just zeros and ones in some computer. That sir, is a rather "innocent" and very dangerous declaration. Why must Banks know exactly where I spend my money on, how much, where, when? Or why should a government know all this? I decided to pay only cash from now on Governments using all these data is bloody dangerous, but banks getting all the payment transactions first is pure horror.
  7. There is a group in Belgium who tend to do just that. Again, again, again.
  8. Being Chinese both know the vivid measures are just used to express some sort of irritation of Xi. Covi
  9. Creating money is a government thing, bank just create computer lists. Not good!
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