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  1. Electronic vehicles (EVs) are neither non-polluting nor powered by sustainable electricity. For details, read my book on this subject, The Icarus Syndrome, at this link on Facebook.
  2. If Prince Harry were to kill the King, Prince William and all his children, would Harry then become the King? And if he did that, would he be prosecuted because, after all, that's one of the ways the crown has been won for hundreds of years?
  3. I don't think Biden's either senile or a moron, and he's our elected president. He's not my first choice for our next president, but I'll vote for anyone on the Democrat ticket if Trump is the Republican nominee.
  4. I agree, and that's what I thought first about him, too. I could never imagine anyone actually voting for him for president or for anything! Also, the fact is, in both his presidential contests, including the one he won, he did not get the majority of votes in the USA. He was elected by the Electoral College. You can read my thoughts on it here: Rung & Bill: US Electoral College - Opinion (billsmart.com), which I wrote in 2016, well before Trump was elected.
  5. My choice would be Pete Buttigieg. In fact, he would be my first choice for the next president, but for obvious reasons, I know his nomination will never occur.
  6. If you think that is the case, we all ought to be very concerned about who they choose to run with them as their vice president.
  7. If "Dozy Don" wins the presidency again (honestly), or even if (when) he gets a large amount of votes, my respect for my home country, the USA, will vanish. Why would anyone want to live in a country where as much as 40 to 50% of the voters would support someone like Trump?
  8. I hope Trump's control over the MAGA group gets destroyed and he is eliminated in any way that works. As for the rest of your post, I pretty much agree. I agree that our loss of unity can be blamed on the growing economic division. I blame that on capitalism. In a socialist economy, the total wealth (not money) of the society would be controlled by the government and used to provide everyone with what they needed (as much as possible). There would not be a division based on wealth. I think a part of many of the other divisive attitudes (racism, xenophobia, sexism, homophobia, etc.) are prompted by this division of wealth or are at least exaggerated by it. And again, I think the urban/rural divide is societal based. The rural areas are conservative because they are satisfied with their lives and just want to be left alone, and the urban areas are more liberal because they are unsatisfied with their lives (mainly due to capitalism) and want things to change. Those are just my off-the-cuff responses to your post. I haven't really thought them completely through and don't intend to. Trump is the immediate problem, IMO. I agree with your last statement, except I don't expect any "leader" to heal the divide. I believe it will have to be more of a societal effort where the community is the force that heals the divide. And I agree that I don't see that happening in this election cycle. Unfortunately, I anticipate that neither side will accept the election results if they lose, and there will be a lot of violence. I will watch all the violence on CNN from my easy chair in my home, safely isolated in the mountains of Thailand.
  9. I haven't been back to the USA for about 20 years, and right now, with all the social unrest, I doubt if I'll ever return there. I don't consider everyone who disagrees with me on political issues deranged. I am a far-left liberal, but I can certainly appreciate many conservative political views. An example of that is before Trump, I did not support the Second Amendment, but now, because of him, I do, and I wake up every day hoping to hear on CNN that someone has exercised their rights under that amendment concerning Trump. However, my priorities are focused on societal issues. Your last sentence, in contrast, does show me where your priorities are—the economy—money, money, money! I am an anti-capitalist and a confirmed socialist. So, yes, I would probably have a lot of disagreements with you if we discussed politically associated economic and social issues, especially when they include Trump. He (Trump) has certainly succeeded in breaking whatever unity we did have in the USA into two distinct, opposing groups. I admit I am certainly fully in one of them and don't know how this division can ever be healed.
  10. Yes! It's been horrible, and I don't think it's even close to being over yet. When I was growing up and living in the USA, I always knew there were racists, sexists, xenophobes, fascists, and other dissidents, but I thought they only made up maybe 10% of the population. Now, it's apparent they make up as much as 40%! They must have been there all the time. Trump didn't create these people; he just gave them permission to crawl out from under the rocks they've been hiding.
  11. Sad news. I hope Assange loses this case and is extradited to the USA, where he can stand trial for espionage.
  12. Sad news. I hope Assange loses this case and is extradited to the USA, where he can stand trial for espionage.
  13. It looks like they have a photo of the license plate. This arrest shouldn't take long.
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