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  1. An acquaintance from the US has asked me to book a hotel for here to use for the documentation applying for a COE. She prefer to apply for the old style COE not the Thailand pass because the details for the pass are not ready yet. However I thought the the sandbox hotels had to be pre paid in the name of the applicant to be accepted for a COE. What is actually the case? Thanks Felt
  2. Great at a time when thousands of citizens still depend on food hand outs to get through the day
  3. They will come but have most likely no hurry due to already bookings for the winter at Canary Islands so will let the stormtroopers do the surveillance and if clear make their way next high season Felt
  4. Old topic but still actual. Want to go again soon so allow me to ask if someone of the Chumphon locals can advice on necessary precautions, check points, Covid-19 tests etc. for entrance into town. Btw, fully vaccinated. Thanks Felt.
  5. I allow me to ask if there currently are any restrictions coming into Chumpon (by car) staying a couple of nights in our very much liked hotel in town and returning. I mean to have seen something from TAT about quarantine even for domestic tourist but cant find the link now! Thanks Felt
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