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  1. Thank you for replying. No cervical spine MRI or no daily back/neck pain except morning stiffness which I put on age 👴but I have a broken thumb and a minimal shoulder fracture (have CD`s of both with x-ray images) Felt
  2. Would like information about one or more recommended public hospitals in Bangkok or/and with a semi-private department that still accepts foreigners for treatment, (arm/shoulder surgery). I am aware of longer waiting times and more bureaucracy than at private hospitals, but as a pensioner I have plenty of time. Thanks in advance. Felt
  3. Great for the environment🤔😒 Btw, no need to push because its clear to hear that people don't do much else in Hua Hin than sitting in a car on Petchakasem with tailgating ambulances. ☹️ Felt
  4. Thank you for replying. So, we are supposed to only add interest gained yearly on the top of pension income🤔But income (in my case pension) has to be proved with a 12 month bank statement here who show the transfers month by month, but I never touch saving or the interest on bank account abroad so will be exciting to see if they go to the length and demanding bank statement from bank(s) abroad which then most likely have to be translated and verified by Mfa.... Felt
  5. This has probably been answered earlier but its hundreds of posts to search through so I allow myself to ask if there is anyone who already pays taxes here and knows the tax rate on bank savings and interest on this when the savings are in home country. Btw, I'm already a Thai tax resident but so far as we know until now only pay tax on what is remitted from home country. Thanks Felt
  6. Wasn't it after the Hatyai bombing in 2003 and subsequent unrest that we were all obliged to register our sim cards! So, it hasn't been much help then, but now they reckon it will🤔 Felt
  7. Interesting. The "green mile" you mention is that a stretch of walk path on the main road, or an overpass? Btw, can you who seems to live nearby the parks recommend a hotel near the parks. I have some embassy / hospital business to do in Bangkok this week and would like to get me a walk /run or two in both of the parks. Thanks Felt
  8. I wonder if the Thais in our home countries think the same way🤔 If so, they will have a full-time job just reporting their own Nationals where I come from. Felt
  9. Anyone with experience from Rachvipa MRI รัชวิภา เอ็ม อาร์ ไอ เซ็นเตอร์ – ศูนย์ตรวจเอ็มอาร์ไอมาตรฐานสากล (rachvipamri.com) Thanks Felt
  10. what goes around comes around i.e. with a law in any aspect made for misuse due to cultural inherited corruption on any level in the population. Felt
  11. Ok thanks, then I do as you recommend. Btw, do you know if mri.thailand have CT scans as a service? Felt
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