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  1. ORICO 2.5" USB 3.0 SATA HDD Box HDD Hard Disk Drive External HDD Enclosure Transparent Case Tool Free 5Gbps Support 2TB (2139) | Shopee Thailand I have one of these and it works great. Win
  2. I posted ;- The Universal Coverage scheme, known as the gold card or 30-baht scheme. in the Health section. Any info on this would be greatly apricated. Win
  3. Hi Folks, As a PR holder from 2002 till now, I had a Gold Card since 2004 and now wished to renew this card. My wife (Thai) asked at our local main government hospital in Kanchanaburi for an extension and was told that I am too old for this as I am 72 years old and the card only lasts until you are 70 years old. Was this the correct advise give to my wife ? Win
  4. Thai monks' livestream mixes Buddhism and jokes but not all are laughing | Reuters Win
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