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  1. Most airports in the states have the saliva PCR test. one hr wait, costly $250 US
  2. I bought a Skype phone number. Its local US and rings on both my phone here in Thailand and my computer. I also use the number to call my bank and friends. cost about $35 a year US
  3. My take If it was a blockage in the line, the upstairs pressure would still reach maximum when there isn't anything running. There would be a sudden stream and then the pressure would drop off when the water was turned on. For the pressure to never reach peak, the restriction would have to be at the very end of the line.
  4. Most say from time it is taken but some labs put the time it was tested only
  5. The last one I saw was about 7 years ago in the sticks north of Korat
  6. I haven't seen anyone riding an elephant pass my house in years.
  7. I can not confirm this as I do not know anyone personally that has done it, but it has been reported that if you bring your Wise receipt showing the exact date and amount of transfer it has been excepted.
  8. You won't need the QR. It will just take a little longer to get the pass as it has to be manually checked.
  9. Can it be done? Anyone here that has done it?
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