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  1. Makes me think about the female doctor who shrieked, looked down at my crotch, and sent me next door to a male doctor when I said I was pissing blood (bladder stone) and the dentist who gave me two antibiotic caps, just in case?, before extracting a tooth and the next dentist who told me to eat more mangoes to create more saliva when I mentioned the new dentures he fitted me for were loose?? I could go on but we've all often heard similar before. Never mind, we are off to the moon soon lol.
  2. I can connect you to an ex friend on here who's an expert at cashless payments. You lend him money, agree on a repayment plan, but you never see any cash lol!
  3. Yes another devious plan to attract quality tourists to a quality destination!
  4. Oh no, not another water meter!! Every time they come to save us it means putting another supply line and water meter to our house. We now have three water meters but still have supply problems?? Oh well at least I can get some exercise each day checking which meter will give us water this time lol.
  5. Quality over quantity again! You tried before and it hasnt worked. Most come to Thailand for the sleaze because Thailand specialises at it. If you want more tourist dollars then legalise drugs and gambling and make it the hub of sleaze lol.
  6. But why would criminal elements want to use Thailand as a base? I mean its not like the police, customs, army, even Govt ministers, are world renown (a hub you might say) to likely take a bribe to turn a blind eye or be corrupt enough to work in partnership with any criminal activities going on here?? And its not like Thailand has a long history of being a major producer of illicit drugs such as Thai Sticks, heroin, opium etc., although nowadays more of a conduit for methamphetamine from Myanmar to the rest of the world?? Its a mystery to me. Maybe its the climate, beaches and dual pricing
  7. Nam Tuam. I make my own smokes again now and save heaps. No not rollies but the tubes with filter bought online plus the local Isaan tobacco and a small machine. Costs me about 26 baht for 40 cigs compared to 120 I used to pay for 2 packs
  8. If you are so against cigarettes why in Gods name would you even contemplate reading this post?.......still hanging out for one so you despise anyone else who is enjoying himself?
  9. I always start the day with a good old fashioned Emu Breakfast: a scratch, a fart, and a good look around.
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