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  1. By the way, didn't mean to come across so harsh. It just seems like another attempt to bash MCD....and there are many who enjoy doing that for some bizarre reason. I don't eat MCD regularly, but do enjoy it on occasions. I doubt any of the billions who've eaten there or like burger joints have suffered significantly.
  2. I'm through trying to convince anyone to get vaccinated. It's scientific fact that unvaccinated people are more likely to catch COVID and die from it. So it's a survival-of-the fittest sort of thing. Whether certain people decide to get vaccinated or not....up to them. The human race will improve as a result....:-) [Overall, in August, according to the tool, unvaccinated people were 6.1 times more likely than fully vaccinated people to test positive for COVID-19 and 11.3 times more likely to die from it.] https://www.medpagetoday.com/special-reports/exclusives/95119
  3. Hmmm....so why is the OP posting 10 yr old freakin news?? And it wasn't really "news" to begin with. The OP should keep his anti-MCD charade on conspiracy websites.
  4. Unfortunately, you may be onto something. China may just prove that a dictatorship/one-party system works better than a true democracy. The USA doesn't need China to destroy it, America is doing that on its own. Just look at the deep divisions in the US right now, not to mention in most of Europe. While the USA bickers with itself, China is busy taking over the third world. Africa, South America, SE Asia...China's going to own most of these places without their military having to lift a finger.
  5. You may want to reconsider your choice of deodorant.... [Procter & Gamble Co. is recalling over 15 types of deodorant after it was discovered that they contained benzene, a chemical linked to cancer. The recall announcement was made over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, causing Secret and Old Spice products to be pulled from shelves.] https://www.msn.com/en-us/health/medical/procter-gamble-recalling-popular-deoderant-brands-after-cancer-causing-chemical-found/ar-AARoCWj
  6. The right wing nutters in the USA pose a much bigger threat to America than China will ever be.
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