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  1. STILL QUARANTINE though isn't it when "box" says no quarantine vaccinated tourist are unlikely to want to put up with this,especially when combined with a "scrapped" COE thats nowhere near scrapped
  2. The end of day balance is still above the 400k so i would have thought it should be ok BUT i am no expert and depends on IMO or As you are in Pattaya maybe an agent could "point this out" or smooth this over with Immigration officer for a smallish fee ,worth a try
  3. I spent a month in Buriram one afternoon (or was it Surin)
  4. Maybe it will 'P off" the countries the Thais are touching up for free vaccines as well
  5. NB I found originally It would only work on mobile data not home internet it still has trouble loadimg when i use internet Mobile data no problem
  6. They do just not sinovac and AZ combo i like OP need to get an urgent AZ booster to travel
  7. Regardless of medical history you cannot really travel with sinovac as one of your vaccines so you need a real vaccine quickly as a booster I think that is a major issue, certainly mine!
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