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  1. i was more than little confused at one stage as it appeared in topic list i thought they were just Thai
  2. Nor at Uncle Tuks elite emporium shop bar, lao Khao distillery, pharmacy, petrol station and snooker hall (round the back) i would imagine he has attained such a state on enlightenment so cannot be bothered with mere Buddhist laws
  3. new house in build process hes just started just Maybe hes doing this so you buy his land then his land is sold at better price than he could ever get from market value maybe he hasn't got brains to do but maybe someone is advising him (maybe he owes money to them)
  4. Whilst you are entitled to your opinion You will find i suspect with this attitude in the next few years many avenues closing to you i would imagine in Thailand UK NZ or elsewhere E.G i believe in UK to attend some football matches you have to be vaccinated
  5. Well sorry IMHO (apologies if you dont agree) If you are NOT vaccinated you are one of the people who SHOULD NOT be flying or entering the country!
  6. I suppose you have a good reason But for me no i wouldn't bother, even for family here
  7. If you are vaccinated Buy ticket take a test before flying if clear fly arrive at Thailand ....err that's it anything more complicated people will not come
  8. STILL QUARANTINE though isn't it when "box" says no quarantine vaccinated tourist are unlikely to want to put up with this,especially when combined with a "scrapped" COE thats nowhere near scrapped
  9. The end of day balance is still above the 400k so i would have thought it should be ok BUT i am no expert and depends on IMO or As you are in Pattaya maybe an agent could "point this out" or smooth this over with Immigration officer for a smallish fee ,worth a try
  10. I spent a month in Buriram one afternoon (or was it Surin)
  11. Maybe it will 'P off" the countries the Thais are touching up for free vaccines as well
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