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  1. anything static on the screen for long periods of time can cause "burn in" logos are the worst culprit old phosure tube tv's,plasma and OLED are quite susceptible, apparently "normal" LED tvs are much less susceptible but they can still be effected if the image is static long enough.
  2. Yes that is a big concern many channels nowadays have almost permanent logos ..I have some burn in on my plasma screen caused by watching movies and tv shows with subtitles enabled.
  3. Not to forget the now renamed cast iron "manhole" covers I almost came a cropper on one at Swiss Cottage junction.
  4. No I think that is wrong the law says slower vehicles (of all sorts) should keep left and that on a road with 2 or more lanes "undertaking" on the left is allowed.
  5. Perhaps many do not raise doubts they might have about these latest vaccines out of fear of being labelled as "Anti Vax a$$holes" and threaten with being struck off the medical register.
  6. As far as I know there was/is only one "public" toilet along Pattaya beach and that was at the Walking street end near the smelly pumping station there was/is also one at the Bali Hai pier building both charged a small fee for the "convenience" Of course there are free conveniences in the shopping malls and when the bars where open they often had a convenience too. In the news reports of the latest and greatest Pattaya beach overhaul they mention underground public toilets which I don't think will get built after they realise that they will be flooded often when it rai
  7. If the masks work for flu virus why do they not work for the Covid virus ?
  8. Suzuki bikes are not as popular as Honda so you might have some small trouble finding a place to service the bike and get spare parts for it as it gets older and needs more major parts,that said if you check and change the oil and filter regularly and don't drop it then the bike should run for many many years before needing anything major... things like tyres,battery,brake pads,light bulbs etc will be easily found...performance ? well its a 125cc auto scooter. I want to re iterate that because the engine is covered with plastic you can't see any oil leaks that might occur s
  9. All good points but I believe a lot is also down to "bad" roads as in they are poorly designed from the start ,bad lighting,bad signage,bad drainage poor maintenance no mechanical road sweepers to get rid of the sand and other debris which can be lethal for motorcyclists also the paint they use for the road markings are often incredibly slippery (lucky the markings don't seem to last long anyway) not to mention the diesel oil spilled at many U-turns which themself are death traps.
  10. If you can't tell the difference then what difference does it make especially after so much tequila just blame the booze
  11. This means they made it easier to get a loan for the vehicles ? if so how many are soon to be repossessed due to non payment ?
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