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  1. The tires may have flat spots on them but you would know pretty quickly if it was a problem just by driving the car as the car is not exposed to the intense UV sunlight I would have though the tires are still in quite good condition..check for cracking of the rubber on the sidewalls. engine oil yes change that possibly change coolant and transmission oil if its an auto..brake hoses I'd say no, rubber parts probably not...drive it and see.
  2. @Bandersnatch could you do a little experiment by disconnecting your internet and see if the doorbell still functions correctly. http://community.anker.com/t/eufycam-and-its-dependency-on-an-internet-connection/82000/7 "I installed the (battery) doorbell and homebase over the weekend and it has the same issue as you have with the EufyCam: when the Internet connection is down the doorbell will still ring inside (on the homebase) but the app says the doorbell is offline and no video connection is available even though I am home, using wifi, as is the homebase. There
  3. "The ruling means anybody whose Ring doorbell camera films people outside the boundaries of their property could be accused of breaching data protection laws and the privacy of that person - potentially paving the way for thousands of lawsuits over alleged breaches of UK laws. " It seems to me a ridiculous ruling given how many "security" cameras there are all over the UK especially London...perhaps the same could be used on dashcams,bus lane cams,traffic cameras etc etc can't see this ruling standing.
  4. Can the "officials" please also do a ‘round up’ of the homeless dogs too...not just in Pattaya but nationwide before the tourists return...thanks.
  5. Is there any way to connect to the doorbell/base unit without using the app ? ( webpage, SSH, ftp ? ) Are the video files stored on the base unit in a propriety format or can you just view them straight with a player like VLC ?
  6. I think the too scared guy said he pushed the button but it didn't ring and there doesn't seem to be a ringing sound when red shirt rider pressed the button either ?
  7. In the video it says the rope was cut bellow the painter man...so someone saw some ropes dangling outside their window/balcony and cut them possibly unaware that painter man was painting above. Luckily painter man looked down and saw the rope had been cut before descending further and reaching the end of his tether still 26 storys above ground.
  8. Yes this is what happens when you shut "everything" down close swimming pools,gyms,parks and all other places to exercise and scare people into staying at home "for their own safety" for 2 years !!!
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