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  1. Yes the last few year have really opened my eyes as to how many there are and how easy it is for them to "just follow the orders"
  2. The Palestinian ( AKA if you must Hamas) figures have proven quite accurate in the the past.
  3. A lot of shops selling inflatable toys where also open on Pattaya and Jomtien beach roads even when the beaches where "closed"
  4. @Bkk Brian Who's casualty figures do you believe to be the most accurate Hamas Palestinian Health authourity UN IDF Some one else ????
  5. Well then why not just tell me which figures you believe ? like pulling teeth but as you just said you do not believe Hamas figures, Palestinian health authority figures ? UN figures ? IDF figures ?????? and again I am not trolling just asking you a simple question who's figures do you think are the most believable/accurate ? I ask you on the other thread too reply to either here or there.
  6. Are you scared to tell me who's figures you believe ?...I am not trolling here just asking a simple question.
  7. So you believe the UN ? https://edition.cnn.com/2024/05/13/middleeast/death-toll-gaza-fatalities-un-intl-latam/index.html UN says total number of deaths in Gaza remains unchanged after controversy over revised data The United Nations on Monday clarified that the overall number of fatalities in Gaza tallied by the Ministry of Health in Gaza remains unchanged, at more than 35,000, since the war broke out between Israel and Hamas on October 7.
  8. If I was you I would already know who's figures you believe are the most accurate but for some reason you won't tell me who's figures you believe ??
  9. If you want to be really really sure just take the hard drive out and use it for something else or (not very environmentally friendly) smash it with a hammer
  10. I refer back to my previous post about this former CNN anchor https://www.yahoo.com/news/chris-cuomo-makes-ivermectin-face-210453781.html Chris Cuomo Makes Ivermectin About-Face After Denouncing Its Use for COVID: ‘I Am Now Taking a Regular Dose’
  11. The fact you do not realise/acknowledge what actually happened over the last 4 years says it all.
  12. Didn't I post this before ??? He was a poster boy for pushing vaccines and shaming popple who didn't want them or wanted to use alternatives..but has now very much changed his tune.
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