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  1. 1st half was a doddle and the opening 10 mins of the 2nd half too, but then Brentford decided to go long and push up and were then winning the 2nd ball and we just could not keep it for long enough. Echo the above, thank goodness for Mendy...he saved us. Some games and some teams are never easy to play after an international break and Tommy done a good job in selecting the players he did and giving a rest to others. Like Tbeau said players are not robots and cannot play to a high level week in week out....although that Salah geezer is bucking the trend.imho.
  2. Pleased for Rlc his recent cameo,s have rightly got him a start...same for Chalobah. No surprise to see Mount not start given his full 90mins for England. Good chance for Sarr as well who played a lot better in his last game than he did on his debut. This should be lively..coyb
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