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  1. I considered applying for a 60 day tourist visa early October, but with all the documents required, i decided to just enter visa exempt & extend that for another 30 days in country.
  2. Excuse me sir, but if you read his last post, he specifically requested information about applying for his 30 day extension & which documents wete needed - To which i replied.
  3. You need to do your 30 day Extension first then after, you can apply for the 60 day Covid extension.
  4. You can do the 30 day extension at the small IO In Patong beach - Cost = 1900 baht. TM7 Form Copies of passport page, TM6, Visa exempt entry stamp, all signed plus 1 passport picture - Simple & quick process at the tourist friendly office in Patong. Then maybe a possible 60 Covid extension. The Non O has to be done at the main IO in Phuket Town - I tried to apply for a 90 day Non O myself last week, but was unsuccessful. Im pretty new on this forum & a lot of folk dont like " Agent" talk. I can tell you though, that it is
  5. Good luck & best wishes to everyone on a Covid extension - I hope that everybody who chooses to apply is successful. There seems to be so much resentment towards others on this forum who are staying in Thailand currently on Covid extensions & it baffles me. Relax & live and let live. Imagine the uproar from these people if the Covid extensions were increased to 90 days at a time
  6. Greetings, new here but thought i would share my recent experience. Entered Visa exempt in October, applied for 30 day extension at small IO in Patong. Went back into same office a week later and told them i needed to open up a bank account. They looked at my passport, took my picture and gave me a form to take to the bank. It was all written in Thai & i payed 500 baht for this certificate. The IO told me not to accept the banks insistence on me purchasing their 12 month Accident insurance. I went to Bangkok Bank, showed them the certificate from Immigration & my passp
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