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  1. That's right. My neighbors for many years are Taiwanese and they hate the Chinese government, putting pressure on Taiwan all the time and the country not fully recognized as an independent country. If the Taiwanese wants to stay independent they should be left alone. The people of Gibraltar voted to stay with the UK and not over-go to Spain and that was accepted by everyone.
  2. Yes that right. I bought the very first gen 150cc PCX from them because the Pattaya dealers wanted about 5-7000 baht above the sticker price but ACM sold it at sticker price. They even delivered the scooter to my house in Pattaya for free. I still have the scooter by the way.
  3. Awesome place you got there, setting up all that solar must had cost a coin or two but agree that's the way to go, especially when you live in the tropics. The MG Marvel R is having some serious specs, 288PS, 0-100 in 4.9 sec, not bad at all and a range according to them of 400km. But they write made for European motorists who appreciate design, luxury and performance, it’s part of our second generation of 100% electric vehicles! OK that the EU site, I can't see why they can't launch it here. https://mgmotor.eu/model/marvel-r
  4. Completely agree, crazy price for what you are getting. About 16800$ in the US for the old model= 550k baht so also very expensive over there. The sold over 233.000 of them in EU since launch in 2001 so hugely popular. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yamaha_TMAX PS: One of my biker buddies has the Speed Twin, awesome bike and with around 100hp it can move, so not just a pretty bike for show. Sadly it's just too small for me, I look like a elephant on it, 555.
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