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  1. Disagree with you as far as help from banks. A little while ago I had money taken from my KrungThai A/C by some one in the UK. Reported it to the bank HQ and the money was returned two weeks later. A bank branch is not the place to make a complaint in Thailand.
  2. The round pin you refer to were 15 amp, and yes, the street lights were gas. As to the electric iron, ours was at about 1954. The fuse box was a wire between to points held by a screw. If the fuse kept blowing it was a case of two or three wires, so the house wiring must have got very hot. What do you mean, dangerous?
  3. Perfectly true. You're obviously not old enough to remember, but I can. I used to climb up onto the table to reach the light socket, because mother couldn't.
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