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  1. Give im a break papa we gotta get use to AN.
  2. Depends on size, around our way Deestones are the cheapest if you go for bigger sizes.
  3. No need to get upset, to be fair it was a good call in response to your comment to warn other bike riders not to do as you suggest.
  4. Reminds of years back when working abroad, I ask the company do I need to get a driving license in the countries where we are going. They said no your full UK driving licence is a International one.
  5. I bought a Chang battery to try out couldn't believe how they are so cheap 12v 5amp and have found no fault so far. Had one neally a year and reads no lost on the multimeter reading.
  6. Yeah Nationwide didn't mind as long as they had my Daughters home address but I dumped them after having trouble renewing my credit card. My FD UK bank sent me a secure key device bit like a tiny calculator which I have to use to get on-line. They send emails and text me on my phone, when I want to speak to them I ring them and ask them to ring me back cause there richer than me.
  7. Yeah a good call my Mrs won't let anyone in the gate not even Family at this time. I have always liked isolation and my own company I can't say whether I sympathize with people during this covid pandemic as it hasn't really bothered me, other than not being able riding my bike to away places and staying overnight.
  8. I concur, when on a bike make your space back and front and sideways.
  9. That's interesting I had a MGB with wire rims and they had to take the tyres off to tighten and true the rim spokes up.
  10. What I would do is go to the police station and ask the police. Secondly go the car dealership and they will sort paperwork out for you to own a car.
  11. There's Vid's on Utube Tokay's. There's history of them to if you google. I read somewhere that I didn't see mentioned here they are referred to as the Thai Dragon.
  12. Yeah that's good my Oz mate couldn't do that some years back so took the full Driving tests. With a UK photocard driving licence you can drive in Thailand and get a Thai DL if you wish without IDP with correct visa.
  13. So funny it's no brag it was a typical action of girly big scoot laughable twist and go riders whacking the throttle full open at the traffic lights to take off. That's what the thread is about mush. I have posted I don't bother taking off quickly from traffic lights going green, I go off in 1st and change to 2nd and then I can roll on to 175 kph if I want but change to 3rd before that and can pull along side within 50 metres wave and disappear.
  14. Here it takes them a while to reply because covid but a email usually is sent saying we have received your email. https://www.gov.uk/international-pension-centre It's on Uk govt website or you can google contact IPC UK.
  15. No interest really just want to be able to ride my petrol guzzling bike until I no longer can.
  16. Depends on your age and your financial situation I am not one to judge what other people do in Thailand. To be fair had enough of that but it's something people can do and what I like about Thailand. To be a bit gooey I'm retired have my wife who I luv very much after 20 years, and she looks after me. My hobbies are riding my bike locally at high speeds because ride out trips and overnight stay trips are not possible at the moment. I have my Archery which I luv to try and perfect with my Recurve Olympic type bow, shooting at a target at 35 metres.
  17. Today what this thread is about really happened today on road 12 between Sukhothai and Ban Lann hoi. On one section I rode left onto the 12 at a traffic light junction and it was a short section before the next lights, it was a long 4 way wait and 2 big scoots turn up along side I notice one was an Xmax not sure about the other, I gave a nod and they nodded and gave a wave back. They took off like blue torch paper had ignited I just followed but kept back and they got up to about 130 I then got closer and one duck down into streamlined position, I accelerated pulled up alon
  18. You would have to find some shop that has such a tool. You can check fork tubes on flat surface with a torch.
  19. Unless she has a written signed contract with you, you need not pay her anything. I think you can google a western type redundence package and work out something for her you will be happy with.
  20. Looks similar to our furniture which was made from teak and no problems except some cracks in some cupboard furniture over 20 years, an easy fix. Chairs, sette and tables where the wood is much thicker has been no trouble at all.
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