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What game are you playing

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With most on here it will be 'marshmallow in a money box'

If i get frisky i love playing "Hide the sausage"

House Master and Thai maid.

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DOOM 2016


SubNautica Below Zero pre-relase,

No Man's Sky


Just started on Destiny 2 and Prey.

Played Mass Effect Andromeda, but it overloads my UPS, and the story line was a bit weird. Might pick it up after UPS upgrade.


All time favorite, definitely DOOM (played the original back when). Playing mostly Arcade mode now. Would love to try VR on this one.

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I play Anno 1800 since a couple of days. 50GB to download, good luck I have a fast connection.

I like it a lot, it's fun to play, looks great, and it's enough brain exercise to be fun but no stress.

A couple of years ago I played Anno 1404 which was similar. But the new one if obviously looking a lot better.


In case anybody wants to play: I was surprised that it runs fine on a PC with a lot less powerful graphic card then they recommend. In the moment I play it with the graphic chip which is part of my Intel CPU and it works fine.

I guess with bigger cities it will get slower after a while. This is why I ordered already a half decent graphic card.






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