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Chonburi motorcycle taxi rider has a secret - he is a police colonel


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Chonburi motorcycle taxi rider has a secret - he is a police colonel



Picture: Thai Rath


If you take a ride with motorcycle taxi rider Number 16 at a rank in Chonburi you are being driven around by a senior policeman.


"Lung Oot" is really Pol Col Theerasak Phopsila.


The rank of colonel is normally associated with station chiefs but Theerasak is humble, honest, hardworking and proud of providing for his family.


Thai Rath interviewed him yesterday outside the Region 2 Police Training Academy in Chonburi where there is a bike rank.


Theerasak said he qualified as a new cop from the academy in 1976. Since then he has worked his way up the ranks from a new recruit to a corporal, a sub-lieutenant, a lieutenant colonel and now full colonel.


He got the last promotion after he applied for early retirement though he is still attached to the Don Hua Lor station in an advisory capacity.


He said that around 20 years ago he was stuck on the rank of corporal and had a wife and three kids to feed.


He decided that the best way to provide for his family was to start earning extra cash in his free time as a motorcycle taxi rider.


His wife - Jae-kung agreed. In fact she even became a rider too to make ends meet.


"Even though I am a police colonel these days does not mean I will stop providing for my family," he said.


"Some people may think it strange that someone of my rank is doing this but I don't think so. They can look down on me as much as they like - I don't care".


He said that he even does other jobs like act as a security worker at an ice factory and a gold shop in his spare time.


"When they found out I was a top policeman they balked at giving me a job", he said. "But when I explained that my motive was to provide for my family they gave me the jobs".


He added that he is proud of being a hard working man and helping to raise his family with his wife.


Source: Thai Rath

-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2018-08-22
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All credit to him for finding an honest way to earn enough cash to look after his family - and it does show why so many of his colleagues rely on "on-the-spot-fines" to supplement their incomes.

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