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EXCELLENT CHICKEN AND EGGS.. Looking for veal meat


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Just wanted to tell if people could be interested, that there is an opportunity to have real farm chicken and eggs (no antibiotics, chicken running free in the farm) from a farm near BGK..

Here is the link.. I checked the chicken (green label) and the eggs.. Both excellent, tasty and fresh, nothing comparable to the chicken you can find in the markets or in supermarkets here.. (They will have soon the "bio" label).. Of course price is higher but for me, justified with the quality offered.. Home delivery on thursday mornings in Pattaya for orders placed before wednesday.. Free of cost for orders above 500 bahts..


For the time being did not try the ducks.


Apparently they supply a lot of big restaurants and hotels in BGK (Oriental for example)..


On the other hand I would like to buy veal meat (real veal, not beef)... If anybody had an address to give, would be grateful


Have a nice sunday

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For veal and other organic meats try the big Italian restaurant on beach rd. It has its own farm.  Trattoria Pizzeria Toscana. However I believe veal is beef calf, not yet weaned.

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