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Battery Honda Forza


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Need a new battery for Honda Forza (Scooter 300cc), did call Honda big wing, no have, call Honda Phuket town, no have, have to order from BKK up to 14 days, <deleted>, any of you guys know a place you can buy a battery for a big scooter,

Thanks a lot 

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try Yuasa batteries directly. Have the battery number and / or the year of the vehicle. You could also try Honda AP who sell scooters.


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The shops that sell motorbikes are not first stop for buying such replacement parts.

There is quite a number of battery specialists on Phuket.

I don't have local knowledge, so just an arbitrary example in Khatu:

The green "FB BATTERY" advertising sign is seen at many battery shops.






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47 minutes ago, stevenl said:

Just try any of the battery places.

There are so many.

Even in a small district town you will find more than one.

You just to lookout for the ad signs of the popular battery manufacturers.

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