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British Embassy....no more proof of income letters.

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Well I have just been on the Uk BKK embassy site.

It appears that from 1/1/2019 no more proof of income letters will be issued.

It states that you will need 800,000 baht seasoned in a Thai bank, or 65,000 income every month.....Now here is the problem for me....

The 65,000 each month should appear in a Thai bank account, is what they say.....

My pensions are payable into my UK bank accounts, and I access my funds using online banking with a UK credit card....

It would seem that I am up the creek without a paddle.

Going to do a 90 day tomorrow .....so will ask staff at Immigration, not expecting any news from them, but will ask anyway.

I reckon that this this thread could be a runner....

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