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UK visa applications getting longer

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In order to save money and further maximize its profits, the Dubai company (VFS) that processes UK visa applications has moved its visa processing operation to India. This has resulted in visa applications taking longer and longer; you are well advised to apply at least 90 days in advance of your trip.


In addition their enquiries system is flawed; if you tried to make a credit card payment the site says it has timed out and returns a 5002 error code so your enquiry will not be answered. HOWEVER, they have taken your money, sometimes multiple times. You may need to check with your credit card provider to claw the money back from this scam. The UK government, when contacted about this, said it was nothing to do with them and that it is between you, the applicant, and a private company.


This is shoddy for a supposed first world country.

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Whilst there are certainly longer processing times since the move of processing applications to New Delhi, the main accusations made in this post are factually incorrect, so I’m closing the thread.

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