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Changing Employers and Province

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I am currently on a Non-Imm B extension based on employment. I am moving to another job shortly and wondering how to go about doing so without leaving the country and applying for a new visa.


My research suggests:


Cancel work permit and visa with current employer and apply for a 7 day extension.


On the same day, the new employer applies for a work permit.


New work permit is received one week later and visa extended again based on new employment.


This sounds reasonable, although obviously a lot can go wrong. I was thinking, with the new rules I can add the new employer to my current work permit. Would it then be possible to end employment with my current employer and not cancel my visa? I asked immigration today and they were non-committal, referred me to the Labour Office.


Does anyone have up to date info? Or Big Joke's email address?

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There is no 7 day extension you can apply for. All you can get is 7 days to leave the country after a application for an extension is denied and that 7 days is not extendable.

Your new employer can apply for the work permit before your current one is cancelled to obtain a work permit application approval letter.and since it will be in a different province it could be issued.

What you can do is get a termination letter from your current employer and then have your current extension canceled a few days before the date on the letter. Immigration will then post date for the cancelation to that day.

Then you can apply for the new extension at immigration in the other province using the work permit approval letter and documents from your new employer.

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