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Needed in Thailand

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the closest i could come too using Goog Trans was:

Do not drive up the arse of the vehicle in front. You are an utter buffalo.

ไม่ขับรถขึ้นตูดของรถในด้านหน้า คุณเป็นคนควายที่สุด


I am guessing that if you put that as your bumper sticker you'll end up with more people running up your arse and/or someone pulling a gun on you! 😀

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5 hours ago, HAKAPALITA said:

Be careful about Buffalo, ask a Thai, when i say it, to a Thai it sounds like i called someone a slang for Penis. Gwi or some such sound. Made M in Law laugh anyway.

Ah yes, the old banana, penis, buffalo game...

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