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Sak Yant tattoo in Khon Kaen city area?


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Greetings fellow members.

I have some from my family visiting me in KKC for time being.

One of them is interesting in a สักยันต์ - Sak Yant tattoo.

Anyone know if there is a place (temple, etc) in KKC area where it (the tattoo) can be done, and the price range?






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Ask some of your neighbors if any temples near by that does Sak Yant tattoos. We have a temple @ 10 k from house and I had one 

done. We are an hour away headed towards Udon Thani


There was no fee but a small offering (baht) is appreciated.

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do you know the name of the temple/address where you got your sak yant please ,i live in between kkc and UTH and am looking to get some more sak yants.


i know of one temple in kalasin but haven't been there yet, my sak yants are done by Ajarn noo in BKK and Ajarn hom in hua hin 


Ajarn Ord Bumee Kalasin 



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Quite a few around Udon there is one temple my missus loves where they do the exorcisms and all that they do sak yant. Last time I was there we both got our arms chiselled amd a bit of gold put inside. I'll try find some gps coordinates

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