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Importing furnitures for personal use: do I really need an import license?


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In September I've purchased a coffee table (made of wood and metal) from an online shop based in Singapore and now I've got some issues with the Thai custody.


The Thai custody asks me:

1. to open an account with the Thai custody at the free zone in Suvarnabhumi airport.

2. to get the authorization from agriculture department for restricted goods (the table is made of wood)

3. Now they ask me to take an import license


But from my understanding the import licenses are for professional traders that deal in the import/export business.


"Please note that for get licences, you have to apply under a company name, an individual is not eligible, except for some cases."



The purchase was made for personal use and not for resale, I don't know why I should apply for import license. Also, I don't have business in Thailand and I'm currently staying under 5 years TE visa so I may be either impossible or incompatible with my situation to get one. I would like to know if it was normal procedure? or would they ask me for a working permit after getting the import license?


Now, it's more than one month that the situation doesn't move on... thus I've invoked the idea with the shipping company to return the good to the sender if the procedure was too cumbersome but they reply me: "well, in that case you will need to apply for exportation license".


Many thanks for your advice.















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