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Endocrinologist Chiang Mai


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My long-standing endocrinologist Dr Ampica isn't practising any longer and I need to get an FNA done, my UK blood tests showed that my TSH levels are low/out of range and this has just been confirmed by a repeat blood test done at CMU. Since I have a history of follicular tumours of the thyroid and it's been a while since they were checked, the FNA seems a sensible precaution.


Can anyone recommend a good Endocrinologist that I can use as a gateway to getting an FA done, preferably at Sriphat/Mahraj.



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A shame about Dr. Ampica as she was really excellent.


For endocrinologist, suggest Prof. Jit  Jiraratsatit


If there is a confirmed mass or thyroid enlargement and you have already had basic thyroid blood panel done, might like to go direct to a head and neck specialist such as Prof. Pichit Sittitrai also at CMU




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