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Shun Penang for VISA runs - a warning!


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I just returned from KOTA BHARU. Hated the need to pay 300 Ringit (way more than 2,000 THB). But they did their job while the things I have experienced and heard of about the Thai consulate in Penang is not fit for a forum.


Bus #29 departs frequently and only costs 5.10 MYR. You may see people waiting on the left coming from Thailand...

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Hello Mr Gung,


What visa were you applying for? A Non-Imm B by any chance? Or perhaps an SETV? Do elucidate


And what were people waiting on the left of? A road? A bus stop?


I have been to Kota Bharu. There are buses to both the Tak Bai crossing and the Sungai Kolok crossing. Which crossing are you referring to?


I look forward to your clarification.


Yours sincerely


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