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Import Tax Details for Eau De Toilettes

Arun Prakash Sharma

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I recently ordered David off cool water Tester 4.2oz EDT for men from perfume.com to deliver to my address in Bangkok not knowing I would be hit with exorbitant prices to pay in between. The total price I paid with free shipping was just 850Baht.


The package was shipped with DHL and they are now asking for me to either pay 1500Baht for them to help me clear the customs or do it through another broker. And the custom taxes are still there.


My question is, can I go to the customs myself and clear the customs? Also, any idea how much the customs tax would be? I am a student here so would not want to pay a lot of money just for getting the product. What is the cheapest way to get the product. The HS code of the item is:33030010


Thank you in advance!

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Rule one of getting stuff sent here, avoid the couriers like the plague, you will always end up paying through the nose.


I'm pretty sure you cannot clear a DHL package yourself.


Expect the duty rate to be 30% on CIF plus VAT @ 7% on the lot.


So you'll be paying, as a minimum, 255 Baht duty plus 78 Baht VAT = 333 Baht plus any handling/clearance fees set by DHL.


Cheapest thing to do? Probably, reject the package and get another one sent by regular post (which, mostly, gets through unmolested if small value).


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