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Kuala Lumpur thai tourist visa

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Anyone know of any agents in KL that fix the whole shebang for you.?       Seems that it may be difficult there.

I Am nearly 70 , not in great shape  so some help would be nice.

My retire visa ends March , 13 .  don't have the 800k  banked now, so starting again, tourist visa then extend by which time the cash will be visible in bank .   Change then to Non O and apply for new retirement visa.

Can see problem may arise with IO explaining what I,m doing there

I am advised by UBONJOE (THE VISA ORACLE)    that the retire visa when starting again.....the 800k has only needed to be current.    No 2 or 3 months wait

Any confirmation of all this appreciated.

I trust UbonJoe completely  ,  but things and vague rules here do tend to change regularly


The way all the income regs are going .. Imnigration appear to encourage and simultaneously  discourage living here !

Any more of these shenanigans and I,m off








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I am not aware of any agents in Kuala Lumpur. For sure you would have to appear in person to submit the application.

No problem to get the visa there if you complete this checklist and application form.

http://www.thaiembassy.org/kualalumpur/contents/images/text_editor/files/Notes_1_1 Toursit TR_1_0 application(1).pdf

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