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Received wrong visa in Vientiane

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I submitted all of my paperwork for an ED visa and received a Non Imm 'B' instead.  I assumed I was ok until I was back in Chiang Mai and gave my passport to the school for copies.  The school said they would not be able to extend it since it is not an ED visa.


I am wondering if anyone knows the best way to get in touch with the Thai Embassy in Vientiane regarding this or if anyone has experienced this.  Just hoping I wont have to go through the process again to get the correct visa.  Of course I will jump onto the Thai Embassy website to check it out too...

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Only the MFA can change visas due to errors like this - not immigration.  There is an office in the Chang Wattana complex (not the immigration offices) in Bangkok where this can be done - but that is a long way from you. 


I am not sure if an alternate MFA office exists where you are - hopefully someone who knows this for sure can comment.


One option would be to use the Visa you have for 3 mo, then go get another ED (check before leaving the counter in Vientiane) to continue your studies.

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A better translation of the address would be:

Temporary Passport Office

Government Centre Chiang Mai Province

Chotana Road

Tambon Chang Phueak

Phone: 053 - 891 - 535 to 36
Fax  053 - 891 - 534

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***update*** everything went according to plan.  Yesterday I picked up my passport at the MFA office in Chiang Mai and I now have the correct visa.  


Thank you to those that responded and helped me out.  I sincerely appreciate it 🙂

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