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Many postings about this years ago which are so totally out of date.


A particular friend of mine way up here in the North East is desperate for some Dried MARROWFAT Peas to make his own mushy variety.

Could any kind, regular customer of FOODLAND please tell me if they still stock them and if they have an online ordering/delivery service. There is also an old reference showing a 'RAVI' Indian Supply shop which is apparently trading under a different name next to a Sikh Temple. Cannot find a website for these guys either.


Can anyone give me info on either of these or any other.



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Here in Chiang Mai the dry split peas (green or yellow) seem to have vanished.  I have looked in several supermarkets over the last few weeks, and macro today, and they no longer stock them for some reason.



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1 hour ago, Crossy said:

Just to clarify, this is the sort of thing our OP needs, dried marrowfat peas.




Exactly right. Thanks for clarifying it for me as I got tied up trying to include the Indian suppliers.

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