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IPTV Thai channel in Europe


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My wife is Thai and we live in Europe.

I would like to have many thai channel for she can looking thai TV.


I have try : bestbuyiptv but many channel don't work everyday :s


Do you have an other suggestion ? 
Thanks :)

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Try Malimar.tv


It's based in the US, but it works flawlessly so long as your internet connection is solid.


We use a Roku for all our TV, and they have an app, so essentially it's no different than being in Thailand

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5 hours ago, Mxth said:

Loox TV is free ? HAve all thai channels ?


And MalimarTV it's only for asian channel ? Thanks.

Malimar has Thai, Lao, Cambodian, Hmong, Myanmar, live and pre-recorded stuff

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6 hours ago, DPGumbypgh said:

 Google loox tv apk and download the APK file and install it on your android box.

Loox doesn't work outside Thailand, but this one does and has many Thai channel in HD.




You need a mouse as it is designed for touch screens



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We use Thailand TV PRO on an amazon fire-stick. You can download the apk file and install it on any android box or fire-stick, its free and has lots of Thai channels. however, you will need to install mouse toggle or similar in order to use it, unless you're using a touch screen. There's also a couple of decent movie channels showing English/American movies in Thai, and the ones that are in English show Thai subtitles. 

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