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wifi in Pathum Thanni


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I have True unlimited wifi but starting to think there must be better.


The only time I can get wifi without issues is when I am at home and that is because I connect to my TOT.  When I go on the road Nakon Nayok I lose my connection 

When I go to Bangkok I also seem to get spotty service.


I just bought anew oppo phone so I know it is not the phone.

Just went to immigration and from the time I left home until I got back home there was no true available and I was even in Futurepark at Big C.


Is anyone else using True and do you have the same issues.


Which mobile wifi company are people using that they are happy with?


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Free wifi is more for static locations than when you're on the move. Getting a cheap data package would be better for the times you are away from home and don't have free wi-fi. You should be able to go on the True website and see what cheap prepaid short term data package they have to test before you commit to anything. You can usually do this on your phone.


There are apps like Open Signal you can put on your phone to see wifi coverage on a map (not all the icons displayed are True). While there is free True wifi at Future it may not extend very far but ask the staff at the large True outlet there. Future Park shopping centre (maybe also Big C?) have free wifi. Never used it but the concierge counter in the atrium, other side of the gold shops near Big C will know.



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