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Comprehensive medical checkup


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Does anyone know of a place offering a good comprehensive medical checkup package? I have used Bumrungrad before and it is certainly Excellent, but the package I used before costs around 20k baht these days. I’m wondering if anyone knows of a cheaper option that is still well-organized and of good quality?

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The Norwegian offshore check quite extensive... 


is incl Blood, Heart, Drug, STA, X-Ray Lungs, Bones and more

In total they chase you through 15 Rooms until you get a complete Booklet with all results..


7900 baht a go in Bangkok Hospital Pattaya..  done in one morning then results at lunchtime.. 

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The number of times I have heard of people going into a hospital for a minor ailment and then never coming out are legion.  I stay away from the damn things (hospitals) , unless there truly is something seriously wrong with me, or I have irrefutable symptoms of a real problem. A check for the sake of it seems to me to be wasting money.    

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Benroon- I don’t recall specifically, but the package options along with their prices are listed clearly on the Bumrungrad website (there are several choices). I did it on a whim a few years ago and there was a tumor discovered on my kidney which I had no idea was there, and that I had removed. It did turn out to be cancerous, so I was lucky I did the check then. 



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I will give you some options:


1. Paolo Hospital near Saphan Khwai BTS - Not much English speaking, but they do a good job for a lot less. Last time I was there, they assigned an English speaking nurse to follow me around. I think today they have improved on this because they are now marketing to international clients.


2. Pattaya Clinic Laboratory (Google it). Depending on your overall health. You walk in, point to the package you want, and drop off your urine, blood, stool, etc., samples. They will email your lab report. Amazing, simple, and very cheap. The lab reports always come with specs. If any of your results are out of spec, take the report in to a doctor for consultation.


3. Lam Wa Ee Hospital (not in Thailand, but Penang Malaysia). Combine your health checkup with a small vacation! Lam Wa Ee is a non-profit Christian hospital with very cheap health checkup packages. Been there many times. Their price and efficiency is very nice.




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Every November I have a very thorough blood " scanning " done at a Clinic in my local town. Cost 1700 baht.
Then I go to the District Hospital in town and get " wired up to the moon " re getting my heart checked.
The cost is 400 baht.

That's it for me..it is everyone's choice as to how far you want to go re an annual health " MOT ".

PS..Will be having a colonoscopy in coupla months..I have 1 every 5 years, easy way to lose half a stone in weight.[emoji2][emoji2][emoji2]

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I go to a local private hospital for annual chevk ups.

* Blood pressure / weight etc

* Blood tests

*, Urine test

* Chest X ray

* Cardiogram

* lower abdomen sonagram

* General physical check

* Consult of all results with Doctor.

2400 baht. 



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I've used Mission Hospital in BKK twice before for comprehensive medical check ups.  I thought the price was reasonable, about 12,000 Baht for the 45+ year old program.   I chose that hospital so I could have all the test results reviewed and briefed by Dr. Nick Walters, American Doc on staff there.  Rock up 0700, done with all the poking and prodding by 10:30, see the Dr for results, out by or before Noon. 

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“did you get a second opinion ?”


sorry , can’t quite figure out how to use the quote function here.


The checkup at Bumrungrad involved a sonogram (I think) which showed there was a tumor, then I returned to my current home in Beijing and had an mri at a hospital here, then sent the pics to several docs.


So, had opinions from two docs from Bumrungrad, one in Beijing, and two in Singapore. In the end, I had a partial nephrectomy in Singapore and lost part of one kidney. The biopsy showed the removed tumor was indeed cancerous, but the least aggressive/slowest moving stage. Or something like that. 

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