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Picture Profiles and Styles (Editing)

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new to DSLR's and new to HD Video. I have a Canon 80D and would like to create my own picture profiles and styles for shooting videos. The Canon has effectively about 6 preset styles in its menu system, these are like NEUTRAL, FAITHFUL, LANDSCAPE< PORTRAIT Etc.

These "styles" can be edited individually, adjusting contrast, saturation etc. both within the camera and using the Profile Editing Software from Canon.

What I cannot get my head around is how to title a new profile - it does not seem to allow the original title to be changed. Let me try and explain and see if I am making a mistake or missing something.

So my first step is to load up the profile editing program with a smaple image and begin to make adjustments. - This is where the first problem arises - You can ONLY edit one of the presets available, the landscape, faithfull etc. You cannot load up one of the three "USER DEFINED" as a title.


So I for instance load up a profile titled "NEUTRAL" and within this profile I make adjustments, maybe lower saturation increase contrast etc. So now it is a totally new profile but it is STILL CALLED neutral in the software! I can however now go and save this profile and call it what I like - again for example - vivid1. This will be saved to the PC as a PF3 file called VIVID1.


I can now connect my camera and transfer the profile to my camera and load it up as a style from the camera menu.


Here comes problem 2 - on the camera it is still called NEUTRAL! and not Vivid1, this to me seems completely useless as you will never know at a glance whether you are using the Canon preset NEYTRAL or your own custom NETRAL which you really would have hoped would show up in the menu as VIVID1, but it doesn't!


Am I doing something wrong here? I would have thought the main reason that you create your own profiles would be so you could give them a name that meant something and could easily identify them in the Canon menu. Am I going mad?


If anyone owns a Canon DSLR like the 80D and has used these profile software programs, please pipe up if you see where I am making the mistakes?


Many thanks!

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I actually found the answer today using EOS 3.0 Utility - When you connect the camera in 3.0 you first have to save the new profile, this I saved to the desktop and in the 2nd section of the save menu is a second box where you MUST leave a description.

When you connect the camera and select the file you just saved, in the 3.0 program, you can only load it into USER 1/2 or 3 boxes. Then, in the section where you make the description, this now becomes the secondary file name in the camera menu - it is much better than I had before, although still not perfect as it has a main title of USER X, but the sub heading at least now shows the description as a kind of file name.


I'd love to thank all of you for your fantastic assistance, cheers!

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