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IPTV bad service!!


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Hi, I'm currently using a iptv UK TV package .<removed> his service is so frustrating! You can't contact him, the box is always cutting off, it took him 5 days to re-connect me after paying my monthly bill and then after 2 weeks its cut off again and they are sending me s reminder to pay my bill. He never answers email. The hole package has been s nightmare!


Please anyone who is thinking of a iptv package, do not go with this guy!! Thank you

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Name removed as per forum rules.


6) You will not post comments that could be reasonably construed as defamation or libel.
Defamation is the issuance of a statement about another person or business which causes that person to suffer harm. It does not have to be false to be defamatory. Libel is when the defamatory statement is published either in a drawing, painting, cinematography, film, picture or letters made visible by any means, or any other recording instruments, recording picture or letters, or by broadcasting or spreading picture, or by propagation by any other means.

Defamation is both a civil and criminal charge in Thailand.

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