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Buying camera accessories & Nikon lenses on Lazada TH

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Why would you do that?

I would never buy expensive products which can easily be damaged from a Thai online store.

Try to argue with them after you paid that this or that is not 100% ok. Good luck!

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The big camera retailers sell on Lazada too. Do your research there, then visit the shop personally as you will get the same deal. Example, EC-MALL and Fotofile. 

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Hi ThaiBob, I do agree with you, that's the right approach.


I wanted to buy a Nikon AF-P DX 70-300 f4.5-6.3G ED VR here in Bangkok.


I had a look online  (Shopee TH and Lazada TH) and visited a few photo shops in the nearby commercial centers.



The standard retail price is around THB14K

The online price varies from THB5.4K to THB11.5K

At the shops, the price varies as well. From the same photo retail chain, I was quoted THB16K at one shop and another one 3 kms away quoted THB6K (these prices are for a "white label" lens, ie: part of a kit and then sold separately). More interestingly, the 2nd shop first quoted THB5.4K then, a week later when I came to make my purchase, quoted THB6K (when their online price still was THB5.4K).


In the end, I bought it online @5.4K (Shopee, well known photo retail chain) with a Nikon international warranty and a 1-year seller warranty

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