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What small fruit tree do you recomend?

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I have a smallish Frangipani tree in my front garden that is suffering from Rust and i'm fed up with the leaves dropping off and making a mess so would like to replace it with a fruit tree of some kind. I would like something thats grows about 4 to 5 metres tall and who's roots would not call a problem to the house or perimiter wall. I really know very little about this subject and would appeciate any advice maybe if a fruit tree is not recommended perhaps something else?

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Fig tree? But you are looking for the Miracle tree, the one that doesn't lose its leaves, has fruit (and flowers) all year round, grows rapidly  to 5 metres and stops...

sorry I couldn't resist, my customers were expecting me to deliver one all the time.

Come to think of it: a citrus tree might meet your needs, a stronger growing variety. 


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