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  1. I'm a bit more cautious, planning to return next summer, at which time I'll book a single flight only, too many variables involved and am prepared to just look into returning when I get there.
  2. Why's that? Lockdowns and closures don't work, nor do vaccines prevent the spread of Covid, why not just live with it. We will always have Covid, in a few years we will be asking ourselves what all the fuss was about.
  3. Disregarding advice to repeat dose after three months, I gave two doses of Endex about 10 days apart, following 'local customs' (old lady next door). This was 6 months ago, and from literally taking 40 - 100 ticks a day off one dog, I can honestly say that I haven't found any for months now. Liver problems? That's two doses that they haven't received. We have SEVEN dogs, so any single infection of just one of the dogs would have been transmitted quickly enough to the others, but not a sausage.
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