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P C gaming : IL Sturmovik 2

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Anyone into the Il Sturmovik 2 Great Battles series of WW2 battle sim's .?Principally the " Clash at Prokhorovka " tank battle edition that was recently announced as having been completed and now ready for sale .. elements of the game while still in development were made available to owners of other previous Il Sturmovik titles as a download before it was fully finished as a stand alone title but not all the tanks were available then ..

Some of the forums dedicated to this series are now stating that all 10 armoured fighting vehicles originally promised are now available if you buy it as a stand alone .. so anyone out there got the " Clash at Prokhorovka " and does it contain all 10 AFV's .. And if anyone is into this series have you tried playing it with a console controller ( XBOX Elite ) over a keyboard .. 



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Update on this if anyone is thinking of availing thereselves of it .. All 10 afv are now available including the monsterous Ferdinand tank destroyer .. 

this is a development from the IL2 flying Sim's , the tank controls are also an adaption thereof .. meaning under tank control settings menu there is no function listed for turret rotation and main gun raising and lowering .. these functions are still retained in the pilot settings menu under pilot looking up or down for raising/lowering the gun and looking side to side for turret rotation and use the mouse for activation .. it is nearly impossible to achieve finite adjustment of turret or gun using this method which is not what you want in the heat of battle .. I have used a Joytokey keyboard emulator to transfer most of the functions over to an XBOX controller including the turret/gun function using the left hand stick to mirror the mouse inputs .. stick to the left or right for rotation , up or down for raise/lower gun .. fine tuning will be required to alter the sensitivity but you have more control over the main armament than with the mouse .. 

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Latest update from developers now has a dedicated turret slew ( rotation ) and main gun elevation/lowering function under tank controls menu as opposed to the earlier adaptation set up under pilot control .. this makes it easy to control rather than the over rotation and over raising/lowering of the main armament encountered under the prev' setup .. 

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