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Non Imm O VISA (On-line) from UK Embassy

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Hi Guys

Just a quick question if I may.

I am sure this has been answered somewhere but I couldn't find it...so apologies if this is a repeat.

I am in UK and applying for my Non Imm O VISA to return to return to my family in Thailand. I usually do this in Laos but simply cannot in the current circumstances so have to apply visa the UK embassy ( on-line ) 

On the application on-line it is asking for Financial evidence ( I was under the impression that I saw something once from Ubonjoe that this was not required though)  - If so, what do I need to provide?  Is a Thai bank balance enough?


Thanks in advance

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There is not set amount. I would use the equivalent of at least 20k baht to to meet the standard requirement for most visa applications. You could use proof of the funds in a Thai bank.

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19 minutes ago, losjims said:

Thank Joe - so you think just a K Bank statement would do ?  There doesn't need to be a set balance  / length of time etc ?

This was what I was required to meet when I came in one month ago. This requirement comes from the Los Angeles Thai embassy... "A copy of recent bank statement  ($700 per person and $1,500 per family)"

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16 minutes ago, losjims said:

I was thinking nothing as I am a UK citizen applying from the UK, is that correct ?

Uploading a copy of your UK passport photo page is what most people have done.

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