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Use of รักษา


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In a news article today there was mention of Anutin using a play on words.


This is the translation given:

[He also said that "observing social distancing would mean you wouldn't have to be treated for the disease".

(This was a play on the word "raksaa" used for both treating and observing).]


At the top of the Thai news article I could see:   รักษาระยะห่างไม่ต้องรักษาตัว 

Assuming (dangerous, I know) that text was the particular play on words, I'd like to understand how that works out.

I know รักษา is to cure, but when it's used with ระยะห่าง for distance, how does it seem to become 'keep your distance'?


source: https://forum.thaivisa.com/topic/1198208-anutin-champions-the-wearing-of-face-masks-once-again-everything-is-under-control/


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25 minutes ago, KhaoNiaw said:

It's a pretty straightforward meaning of รักษา that approximates to English 'keep' in the expression 'keep your distance', meaning 'maintain', not letting it go, making sure you keep doing something etc.
You can รักษาชื่อเสียง for example - maintain your reputation. รักษาเกรด would be a student who keeps up their high grades. รักษาความสัมพันธื to maintain a relationship. Those are just off the top of my head. Probably some others here can come up with a more detailed explanation.


I only knew รักษา with regard to treatment/cure, regarding health.

Checking in my small Thai/English dictionary (and also google translate), shows it only as: take care, treat.


However, after reading your post I looked it up in my more comprehensive dictionary. It also shows the use you've explained: to maintain, to preserve, to keep.

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รักษา means to look after here I think  รักษาระยะห่งไม่ต้องรักษาตัวม 

Look after your distance no need to look after yourself. 

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I have to correct ห่าง in my last post.

People have to come to their own conclusions. The first use of รักษา is in  ระวัง  in รักษาทรัพย์สมบัติ look after your property. ระมัดระวัง  ระมัด has no meaning, it is there to make the meaning more precise and you will hear this  on the underground . Take care /be careful (do what will prevent injury). One might see this meaning in รักษาระยะห่าง keep your distance.  Another use is  ป้องกัน in ป้องกันบ้านเมือง (protect the state). รักษาตัว seems to say that. 
In รักษาความสะอาด I see สงวน - keep things the way they are.   If you see a play on words that's great. 
Happy Christmas everybody. 

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