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Why are saliva (antigen) COVID tests not accepted?


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Hi, thinking about taking the plunge and putting up with the ASQ to have a nice long holiday by the sea.  But... I have a visceral loathing of the "q-tip up the nose" type of test for COVID.  Many countries are now using/accepting saliva based tests, not Thailand? They seem just as accurate, as well as less stressful for both the patient and the medical staff.  Canada, the US, Japan, Singapore all are flexible.  Why not the Land of Smiles?



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Not so sure about the "just as accurate" part:


"Antigen tests hunt for pieces of coronavirus proteins, or antigens. They tend to be less accurate than molecular tests, and are worse at finding the virus when it’s scarce. But most antigen tests can be done very quickly and cheaply, taking only minutes to deliver results.


Certain antigen tests are cleared only for use for people with symptoms, and might more frequently deliver inaccurate results when used to screen people who feel healthy."


Many countries, including Canada, Britain and China, already require preboarding negatives. Some will only accept results from molecular tests, like P.C.R.-based tests, because they worry that antigen tests will miss a large percentage of infections."




Though it sounds from the article above that the U.S. -- which is going to begin requiring negative CV tests for incoming international travelers effective Jan. 26 -- is going to accept either the RT-PCR or antigen test results.


"The C.D.C. stipulates that negative results need to come out of a test that can detect an ongoing infection, by picking up on pieces of the pathogen itself. Two types of tests fall into this category: molecular tests (which include P.C.R. tests) and antigen tests."



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Strange... the website I saw said saliva tests were OK for Canada. Perhaps they meant molecular tests that use saliva instead of the chopstick up the nose?  I didn't know there were two types of "spit test". 



...so entering Thailand then a saliva based PCR would be ok I guess, but during quarantine?  Do all the hotels use only the big swab?

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